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From the recording A Sound In the Dark

Lyrics - Sandra Bouza
Music - Sandra Bouza
Lead vocals - Sandra Bouza
Backing vocals - Selena Evangeline and Quisha Wint Electric Guitars - Ross Hayes Citrullo
Acoustic Guitar - Ross Hayes Citrullo
Bass - Stacey Shopsowitz
Drums - Simon Miminis
Electric piano and organ - Miles Evans Branagh


Break On Through
I don’t see things the way that you do
And honey it’s a damn good thing too
You seem so caught up in yesterday’s protections
Can’t see today’s trying to break on through
Trying to break on through
So go ahead baby if you must and hide behind the bottle For me it’s no fine line just a clear mind
So I gotta stand by what I do
And I thought we had fun but if you’re too scared then I must be gone Got too much to do trying to break on through
Don’t lose hope baby
let me tell you all is not lost
But if you say grown up things
well you’re gonna have to pay the grown up cost
How do I say this sweetly
It is more fun to live life deeply
And if you learn to
You’re gonna break on through
Break break break on through
Hey gonna break on
Break break break on through
Hey gonna break on
Gonna break on through