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Sit by the Fire - Available Now

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'Good Vibrations' is the second single from my long-awaited album 'A Sound In The Dark'. Follow along and we'll send you an exclusive, live recording of 'The City' as a Free Download. For subscribers only!

Watch for more exclusives, announcements and sneak peeks, just for you too! The new album is due out in September. Follow along and join the fun.

A Voice of Power & Passion

Songs that touch your heart and fuel your soul

Well-travelled and wise, Bouza’s thoughtful and poetic lyrics reflect a life spent absorbing everything her surroundings have to offer”

— Florian Maier

A deeply personal album offering soulful vocals and excellent song writing skills”

— Maverick Magazine

Unhesitatingly an absolute music listen. A wonderful debut.”

— Blues in Britain

There’s passion you can feel while she sings, there’s that playful approach where it feels like her voice is ‘dancing’ with the backing guitar/bass and the laid back drums. ”

— KMS Reviews

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